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31st-Mar-2012 03:58 pm - [Modpost] Update
Matsuzaka Tori
Hey guys

I've updated their schedule so if you can tune in [keyhole etc] to watch the shows they're on, please do :D
I'll do my best to try and d/ls afterwards [:

Also I mentioned it before but today the girls had their event for One Two Three so if you find any fan reports or anything, please let me know! Sayaka was meant to have been there as well so it'd be nice to read about anything interesting that happened.

I was browsing EXILE's online store and found that they have an E-Girls section; they're selling a muffler towel and a rubber bracelet set in the shape of the letters; E, D, H and F. I assume that because they're rubber they keep their shape even after being worn - weird but cool idea. It seems like they don't ship overseas though ]: I really would've liked the towel and the EXILE TRIBE t-shirt as seen on Sayaka and Shuuka but shipping to a friend and then to me would be really expensive T_T. Anyway, if you do get anything please make a post, sharing photos if possible [: I might write to them and tell them that they have international fans interested in the goods as well! Anyone is welcome to join me, the more people who write to them, the better the chance they'll open it up to us or something ^_^

30th-Mar-2012 03:51 pm(no subject)
Matsuzaka Tori
Hey guys, I know I've been posting a lot recently. Sorry >_<
But I really wanted to share this picture which, I assume, was taken after shooting their PV

so adorableCollapse )

Also here's a really awesome LDH tumblr - always updates with pictures from blogs and stuff, well worth following [:
29th-Mar-2012 11:36 am - [Schedule] April
Matsuzaka Tori
Date: time - Show - Channel [extra info]

03: 00:30~01:00 | SELECT | MUSIC ON! TV [Shizuka, Ami, Mayu, Reina, Shuuka]
     7:30~8:00 | SELECT | MUSIC ON! TV [Shizuka, Ami, Mayu, Reina, Shuuka]
04: 00:30~01:00/ 7:30~8:00 | SELECT | MUSIC ON! TV [Shizuka, Ami, Mayu, Reina, Shuuka]
05: 00:30~01:00/ 7:30~8:00 | SELECT | MUSIC ON! TV [Shizuka, Ami, Mayu, Reina, Shuuka]
06: 00:30~01:00/ 7:30~8:00 | SELECT | MUSIC ON! TV [Shizuka, Ami, Mayu, Reina, Shuuka]
14: 18:00~18:30 | Music Fair | FujiiTV
15: 18:10~18:39 | MUSIC JAPAN | NHK
      20:00~22:54 | EXILE TAMASHII | TBS Kei ~NEW!~
17~20: 24:20~24:30 | Oriental Radio no Tsugi Kurutsu | MUSIC ON! TV [Ami, Mayu, Elina]
17~21: 7:20~/16:15~ | Oriental Radio no Tsugi Kurutsu | MUSIC ONE! TV [Ami, Mayu, Elina] REPEAT
21: 18:00~18:30 | Music Fair | FujiiTV
22: 00:58~01:43 | CDTV | TBS Kei ~NEW!~
     17:30~18:00 | Oriental Radio no Matomete Tsugi Kurutsu
     20:00~22:54 | EXILE TAMASHII | TBS Kei ~NEW!~
23: 8:30~9:00 | Oriental Radio no Matomete Tsugi Kurutsu  REPEAT
23~29: Talk in the Garden | C- 43 [Manami, Mio, Elina] ~NEW!~
28: 4:08~ | Musata | FujiiTV

15: 03:00~ | E-Girls All Night Nippon R [Aya, Ami, Kaede, Harumi]

Please go here for details ~NEW!~
14: *15:00/**17:00 EXILE TRIBE 2012 | Nagoya Dome, Aichi
15: *15:00/**17:00 EXILE TRIBE 2012 | Nagoya Dome, Aichi
25: *17:30/**19:00 | MC Countdown | Saitama Super Arena
27: 15:00/**17:00 EXILE TRIBE 2012 | Seibu Dome, Saitama
28: 15:00/**17:00 EXILE TRIBE 2012 | Seibu Dome, Saitama
29: 15:00/**17:00 EXILE TRIBE 2012 | Seibu Dome, Saitama
30:  14:00~15:45 | E-Girls Free Live | Zepp DiverCity, Tokyo

* Doors open
** Start

01: Audition
07: S Cawaii
     Wink Up
15: Monthly Lawson Ticket
     Monthly Songs 2012
18: Lilac
25: Nasse

Note: Japanese TV schedules use 25+ hour system to show that it's part of the schedule of that day, however I've converted the dates and times to the normal 24 system

last edited 12.04.2012
28th-Mar-2012 05:45 pm - Chaku Uta and One Two Three Event
Matsuzaka Tori
It's the 28th today so for those of you who can access Chaku Uta you can go and d/l One Two Three and Anthem now [note: Chaku Uta is a ringtone site so they only have short vers/ ringtones]

On the 31st of March [this Saturday] E-Girls will be having a Event to celebrate the release of One Two Three. Sayaka will be present! It'll be her last performance as a member of Dream/ E-Girls. The event will be taking place at Tokyo Dome City, LaQua Garden Stage at 3:00pm and 5:00pm.


I hope lots of people turn up to support the girls and to say goodbye to Sayaka. It won't be the last we see of her though ^_^
25th-Mar-2012 06:01 pm - Concerning Posts
Matsuzaka Tori
I've decided that in order to keep the community as tidy as possible only E-Girls posts should be posted here.
Anything that is only related to a single group, for instance news about a new single will not be posted here and only be posted on their respective communities happiness_ldh and flower_ldh.

Those communities will, for the most part, no longer post about E-Girl's activities.

Please understand that there may still be some cross-posting due to various reasons, such as taking pictures together - it's not specifically E-Girls so they may be posted to all 3 communities.

I know that this is confusing so if in doubt; feel free to post it to all 3 comms
23rd-Mar-2012 12:15 pm - E-girls- One Two Three Full pv in HD

The file is 686MB. But believe me, it's worth it. It's extremely HD and the 7mins PV deserves HD. It's probably going to be the best dance pv this year.
Click here for the download links

19th-Mar-2012 08:04 pm - News!
Matsuzaka Tori
Samantha Thavasa CM!
Samantha Thavasa's [a Japanese fashion company] new CM titled Golf and Travel will use One Two Three as it's theme song!
If they sound familiar it may be because the company has previously used Dream's Dreaming Girls as one of their CM theme songs [:

Unfortunately I don't think the girls will be appearing in the CM ]:

Chaku Uta
One Two Three and E-Girls anthem will be available on Chaku Uta from the 28th

Shuukan Exile
Today on Shuukan Exile as 00:55-01:25, they showed the Shuukan Exile version of the PV, as well as the making of the pv. These will be streamed on their site.


I'm really excited to see the Shuukan Exile ver!
17th-Mar-2012 10:59 am - ONE TWO THREE single info
Matsuzaka Tori

They updated with info about the E-Girls single One Two Three which will be released on 04.18!


more detailsCollapse )

10th-Mar-2012 01:09 pm - 2nd Single and Some Sad News
E-Girls | Fujii Sisters
On the 8th the E-Girls official website updated with news about their new single!

The single, titled One Two Three will be released sometime in April!


There will be two versions;
RE [CD] 1260yen ~$14/£10
LE [CD+DVD] 1890yen ~$23/ £15

However it seems like Sayaka [Dream] will be graduating on the 31st of this month and therefore will be not be participating in the single. Trans here

As a result of Sayaka leaving and Mimu being on hiatus, they are adding 2 new members from EGD [EXPG GIRLS DANCERS]. This seems like it's a temporary measure, just to help out.

These 2 members are:
Kizu Reina 木津玲奈
17 years old

Suda Anna 須田アンナ
14 years old

Sorry I don't know anything about these girls.

Source: E-Girls official site Dream Girls official site

We'll have to wait until they update the site to see if they bother adding them to profile lists or not :|

Also I was wondering if anyone with a good grasp on Japanese would be willing to help translate?
I can translate some stuff but when it starts getting complicated and accuracy is important, for instance Sayaka's message, I kinda fail.
27th-Feb-2012 06:43 pm - March Schedule
Matsuzaka Tori

19: 15:00 and 19:00 - E-Girls at J-POP GIRLS SPRING LIVE 2012 in YOKOHAMA
23: 18:00 - E-Grisl at musicLINK in SHIBUYA FASHION FESTIVAL vol.01 at Shibuya SOUND MUSEUM VISION
31: 15:00 and 17:00 - One Two Three event at Tokyo Dome City, LaQua Garden Stage [Sayaka present]

15: Monthly Lawson's Ticket
24: Samurai Kicks Vol 4
27: Cool-Up IDOL
31: De☆View
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